Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sprouts of Hope: Celebrating Peace and Chocolate

Celebrating a Day of Peace

By Eliza

On a Sunday in late September, the Sprouts attended one of our favorite annual Roots & Shoots events: The Roots & Shoots International Day of Peace Celebration! This Day of Peace is a great way to meet new people, spread the word about Roots & Shoots, and celebrate peace with other Roots & Shoots members. At the Day of Peace, we ran a table where little kids could create and decorate musical instruments out of recycled materials.

Later in the day, we walked along Jamaica Pond as we carried Peace Doves. The kids who made musical instruments played them as we walked. It was a lot warmer than it was the last time we carried the Peace Doves—in the First Night parade in Boston on New Year's Eve. Here we are sitting with the Peace Dove we are about to carry.

At the table next to us, a woman named Danielle was giving out chocolate samples. She talked with people about fair-trade chocolate and promoted Theo chocolate, the company that she works for. Theo donates proceeds from certain chocolate bars to the Jane Goodall Institute, so this is why Danielle was at the Day of Peace. We thought that it was really cool how Danielle’s job involved chocolate, and she offered us the opportunity to help out at the next event that Theo would have a table at!

We gladly took Danielle up on her offer. In late October at the Boston VegFest, a big annual celebration that more than 10,000 people attend, we helped Danielle hand out chocolate samples, tell people about Theo chocolate, and run the table. It was a very fun experience, and it felt great to help an organization that donates to the Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots. We hope to continue the partnership that we have with both Theo and Danielle in the future.