Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Letters to President Obama: Inspiring Us

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Hi! My name is Lilly. I am 12 years old and I go to a Cambridge public school. I am writing to tell you how excited we are that you have been elected because I and the rest of my environmental group think you will help with environmental issues.

Also we wanted you to know that we are using you as an inspiration for the (school district's first) composting program in January (same month you are inaugurated!) that we are starting in our school. To get the other kids at our school informed and excited, we are having a schoolwide assembly. In the assembly, we are including a music video called "Yes We can" by Will I Am with you in it. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yq0tMYPDJQ) Also we have some skits that different kids in the school will be performing. Its main idea is "yes we can" (our logo for the composting program, too) and the skits feature Ruby Bridges, Craig Mello, Dolores Huerta, Sally Ride and Martin Luther King, Jr. and talk about times in their lives when they found a way to get through difficult times by saying "yes we can."

Congratulations again! Sincerely, Lilly, a Sprouts of Hope member.

Dear President Obama,
I am so glad you are now the President. There are people who I think of as people really moving the community forward. Those are people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr, and more recently you. Those people help people (and whole communities) like me, everyday people, realize how many things are possible.
That relates to my Roots and Shoots group; if our composting pilot program works in our school, maybe it can spread to other schools in Cambridge,and possibly farther away. We are letting other schools know that composting can work. By doing this, we also know we are helping the planet. We're so glad you want to help the planet, too, by taking on the problem of climate change.
Sincerely, Risa, Cambridge, MA

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